The importance of having Certified CS Teachers

Mike Zamansky



  • Mike Zamansky
  • Stephania Kabanakis
  • Victoria Berkowitz
  • Eric Wilson
  • Jessica Du

Options and Pathways

  • SOCE
  • Individual Evaluation
  • Certification

Types of programs

  • Undergrad
  • Masters
  • Advanced Certificate (for already certified teachers)

Why was getting certified important for you?

What to look for in a program

  • What's a bad program
  • What's a good program
  • What about those 12 CS credits
  • But I can just get the SOCE

Hunter's program

  • By teachers for teachers
  • Not tied to a specific curriculum
  • Breadth, depth, ethics, pedagogy, and curriculum
  • Focus on building a network on teachers

Programs and Certification Requirements